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Healthy SuperKidz

About Healthy SuperKidz

It's our pleasure to know your interest of being a part of Healthy SuperKidz Project, which is a pioneering project by 'Homeoayur' in collaboration with 'Efficient Brainy', to provide Ayurvedic immunization and healthcare in all schools, so that every child is equally benefitted and awareness is created among teachers as well as parents, ultimately empowering a wide population. The program is aimed to provide the benefits at minimal cost to everyone, and will be conducted on a non profit basis where proceeds from the project will be used in providing Food, Education and Healthcare facilities in poor children and the needy. In this program we have put together all the basic health needs and guidance for the benefit of all school going children.
1) Swarna Bindu Immunisation Program
2) Complete health Evaluation and screening for diseases by experts
3) Computer aided Growth estimation, BMI calculation and Nutritional advice
Please feel comfortable to find the details about this unique project and our services. We have highly trained technical team and professional specialists in the field and we assure you the best service possible.
If you have any queries please visit our website www.healthysuperkidz.com. We are hopeful and looking forward for your association with us.