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Ambra Grisea Homeopathy 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

Ambra Grisea Homeopathy 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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About Ambra Grisea Homeopathic Medicated Pills  

Ambra Grisea is also known as whale amber

Asthma: Asthma of elderly people and of children. Asthma with eructation of gas. Asthma when attempting sex. Wheezing in the chest.

Cough: Nervous , spasmodic cough with hoarseness and eructation, on waking in morning. Worse in presence of people. Hollow , spasmodic , barking cough, coming from deep in chest.

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding:  Menses too early and too profuse.  Discharge of blood between periods, at every little incident. Worse after hard stools, walking a little longer etc. Lying down aggravates uterine symptoms.

Leucorrhea: Profuse bluish leucorrhea. Itching in labia.

Vaginal discomfort: Itching of pudendum with soreness and swelling. Sexual desire is increased. Nymphomania.

Headache: Tearing pain in upper half of brain. Pressure in front part of head with mental depression.  Hearing impaired.

Heart: Palpitation with pressure in chest as from a lump lodged there, or as if chest was obstructed.

Urethritis: Burning and itching in urethra while urinating. Feeling in urethra as if a few drops passed out.

Vertigo: Vertigo in old people with weakness in chest and stomach. Senile dizziness. Has to lie down to avoid vertigo.

Insomnia, Sleeplessness: Cannot sleep from worry, must sit up. Anxious dreams


Get the goodness of authentic homeopathy dilutions in pharma grade sugar pellets. Pure cane sugar globules that ensure proper homogenization of medication

Prepared the traditional way using hand succussion. You get freshly prepared medicaments.

Packed in Sterile Glass vials that are odor-free, neutral, strong, and damage-resistant.


Active ingredients: Ambra Grisea Dilution of desired potency.

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose

Why Glass containers for homoeopathy Medicine? Plastic containers are reactive and leach into the substances stored into them. Due to this property of plastics, the U.S. F.D.A. had classified plastics as “Indirect Additives” i.e., though they are not directly added to the substance stored in them, they definitely seep into the contained substances. When plastics is exposed to medicines, its content is bound to dissolve some of the numerous chemicals in the plastic and that in turn is bound to distort the structure and action of the active ingredients present in our medicines. There is no such problem with glass container and hence recommended.

Dosage: Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. Size: 2 dram Glass Vials 

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