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Arundo Mauritanica Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

Arundo Mauritanica Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

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Arundo Mauritanica Mother Tincture: A Homeopathic Remedy for Allergic Reactions

Arundo Mauritanica, also recognized as Arundo Donax, is a homeopathic preparation derived from the Italian grass belonging to the Gramineae family. It's prominently utilized for its effectiveness in treating allergic conditions characterized by intense itching in the nostrils, palate (roof of the mouth), and eyes, alongside symptoms like coryza, sneezing, and a loss of smell. It stands out in the homeopathic realm for its catarrhal state remedies and as a significant solution for hay fever.

Key Benefits and Uses:

  • Allergy Relief: Ideal for those suffering from recurrent allergies and cold symptoms.
  • Catarrhal States and Hay Fever: Classified as a valuable remedy for catarrhal conditions and hay fever, providing relief from discomfort.

How It Works:

  • Itching Relief: Targets annoying itching in the nostrils and roof of the mouth.
  • Hay Fever: Begins with burning and itching of the palate and conjunctiva, effectively managing hay fever symptoms.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Internal Medicine: Recommended as an internal remedy with dosage tailored to individual needs.
  • Duration: Continue until symptoms improve or as advised by a healthcare professional.
  • Safety: No known side effects, safe for children and during pregnancy.

Patient Profile:

  • Head: Scalp itching, hair loss, painful hair roots, and deep-seated headaches.
  • Nose: Treats recurrent colds with initial burning and itching of mouth and eyes.
  • Mouth: Addresses burning, itching, bleeding gums, and fissured tongue.
  • Stool: Aids in managing greenish stools and diarrhea in nursing children.
  • Respiratory: Assists in easing breathing difficulties with coughing and bluish expectoration.
  • Extremities: Relieves itching, burning, and swelling of hands and feet, along with offensive sweat.


  • What is Arundo Mauritanica? A homeopathic dilution made from Reed, useful in catarrh, otorrhoea, and hay fever.
  • Benefits? Effective for hay fever with specific symptoms of burning, itching, and conjunctiva irritation.
  • Usage? As an internal medicine, with dosage varying based on individual conditions.
  • Side Effects? No known side effects.
  • Precautions? Consult a physician for tailored advice.
  • Duration? Use until improvement is noted or as per physician's guidance.
  • Safe for Children and Pregnancy? Yes.

Arundo Mauritanica offers a holistic approach to managing allergies, focusing on the root causes and providing a natural path towards relief and well-being.

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