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Bahola Stincura (external drops), Scorpion Bite Treatment

Bahola Stincura (external drops), Scorpion Bite Treatment

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Bahola Stincura is an excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Scorpion bite treatment

Indications of Bahola Stincura

  • Bites
  • Stings of scorpions
  • Poisonous insects.

Tip: Know the other animal bites (snake, dogs) and insect stings (like Bees, Wasps, mosquitoes) in Homeopathy medicines here, doctor recommended 

Symptoms of Bahola Stincura Drops

  • Sudden Puffiness of all body
  • Redness of the affected area
  • Painful swelling.

Bahola Stincura Ingredients

Enchinacea Ang 3x and Natrum Muriaticum 1x that neutralizes the adverse effects of poisonous creatures.

Action of Ingredients in Bahola Stincura Drops

Echinacea: It is well indicated in Recurring boils. Carbuncles. Irritations from insect bites and poisonous plants.  Works like natural antidote. 

Natrum Mur: Swelling of the affecetd area after the bites is relieved with help of Natrum Mur, it helps to neutralize the action of the poison.


If the sting/bite is on the left side of the body pour one or two drops of Bahola Stincura into the right ear and vice versa. Should sight pain persist, apply one drop in the same manner.  (For external use only)



Side effects of Bahola Stincura Drops

None indicated. External use only

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