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Bhargava Sanguinaria tablets, Bursting & shooting headaches

Bhargava Sanguinaria tablets, Bursting & shooting headaches

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Homeopathy Sanguinaria tablets (Headache)

Bhargava Sanguinaria tablets are indicated for Throbbing, bursting & shooting headaches. Sensation as if there were little hammers beating in the skull. Flushed face and dilated pupils and headaches in school girls during menses.

A headache is a common and often uncomfortable or painful sensation that occurs in the head or upper neck. Headaches can vary in intensity, duration, and location. They can be caused by a wide range of factors, and understanding the type and underlying cause of a headache is important for proper management.

Here are some common types of headaches and their causes:

  1. Tension Headache: This is the most common type of headache. It's often described as a dull, achy pain that feels like a tight band around the head. Tension headaches can be triggered by stress, muscle tension, poor posture, lack of sleep, and eyestrain.

  2. Migraine: Migraines are intense, throbbing headaches that are often accompanied by other symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and sometimes visual disturbances (auras). Migraines can be triggered by various factors, including certain foods, hormonal changes, stress, and environmental factors.

  3. Cluster Headache: Cluster headaches are severe, recurring headaches that typically occur on one side of the head and often come in clusters or episodes. They are extremely painful and are often associated with symptoms like red or teary eyes and nasal congestion.

  4. Sinus Headache: These headaches are often caused by sinus inflammation or congestion, leading to pain around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. They can be triggered by allergies, infections, or changes in air pressure.

  5. Cervicogenic Headache: This type of headache originates from the neck and can cause pain that radiates to the head. Poor neck posture, neck injuries, or certain neck disorders can lead to cervicogenic headaches.

  6. Rebound Headache: Also known as medication-overuse headache, these headaches occur as a result of frequent or excessive use of pain-relieving medications like over-the-counter painkillers. They can become a vicious cycle if not properly managed.

  7. Hormone-Related Headache: Some individuals, especially women, experience headaches related to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause.

  8. Secondary Headache: These headaches are symptoms of an underlying condition or medical issue. They can be caused by various factors, such as infections, head injuries, sinus problems, high blood pressure, or more serious conditions like brain tumors.

For severe or persistent headaches, or if they are accompanied by other concerning symptoms like neurological issues, changes in vision, weakness, or confusion, it's important to seek medical attention promptly to rule out any serious underlying conditions.

Bhargava Sanguinaria tablets Indications:

  1. Throbbing, bursting & shooting headache.
  2. Sensation as if there were little hammers beating in the skull, driving the patient to despair that the patient can neither lie down, must sit up, nor bear light, a draft of air, noise, or jar.
  3. Flushed face & dilated pupils 
  4. Headache in school girls during menses.

Bhargava Sanguinaria tablets Composition:

Each 25gm contains,

  • Belladonna 3X
  • Natrum muriaticum 3X
  • Glonoine 6X
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis 2X

Pack size: 20gm

कॉम्प्लेक्स नं - 63- सैंगयुनेरिया (सिरदर्द के लिए)

संकेत :- फड़कन और शूटिंग जैसा सिरदर्द । तमतमाया हुआ चेहरा और फैली हुई पुतलियाँ । ऐसा सिरदर्द जो शोर, रोशनी तथा ठंडी हवा से बढ़ जाता है। मासिक धर्म के दौरान स्कूली लड़कियों में सिरदर्द ।

संघटक :- बैलाडोना 3X: सिरदर्द जो कि रोशनी, शोर, झटकों से बढ़ जाता है तथा दवाब से कम हो जाता है। सिरदर्द दाहिने तरफ ज्यादा होता है। तेज तथा चुमने वाला सिरदर्द ।

नैट्रम मयूर 3X फड़कन वाला सिरदर्द जिसमें आँखों के सामने अंधेरा हो जाता है। दर्द ऐसा होता जैसे कि हजारों छोटे-छोटे हथोड़े दिमाग पर लग रहे हो। जो कि मासिक के बाद तथा सुबह से शाम तक रहता है। सिर काफी बड़ा महसूस होता है। स्कूल जाने वाली रक्तहीन लड़कियों में होने वाला सिरदर्द ।

ग्लोनाईन 6X फड़कन वाला सिरदर्द सिर काफी बढ़ा हुआ महसूस होता है। सूर्य की गर्मी में होने वाला सिरदर्द, मासिक के समय होने वाला सिरदर्द ।

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