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Comprehensive Wart Removal Kit - Internal & External Dual-Action Treatment

Comprehensive Wart Removal Kit - Internal & External Dual-Action Treatment

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Target Warts Effectively with Our Dual-Action Wart Removal Kit

The "Comprehensive Wart Removal Kit" is a specialized dual-action treatment designed to effectively tackle warts from both inside and out. This kit is a blend of internal remedies and an external application, ensuring a thorough approach to wart removal.

Internal Treatment: Thuja Occidentalis and Nitric Acid Pills

  1. Thuja Occidentalis 30 Pills: These pills contain Thuja, a potent homeopathic remedy known for its ability to combat skin issues. The key component in Thuja is Thujone, a wax-like mucilage renowned for its effectiveness in drying up and shrinking stubborn warts. This natural ingredient targets warts from within, reducing their size and appearance gradually.
  1. Nitric Acid 200 Pills: These are particularly effective for treating specific types of warts, such as fissured or pedunculated warts. Nitric Acid 200 acts as an escharotic agent, which means it helps in the removal of warts by creating a dry scab that eventually falls off, taking the wart with it.

External Roll-On Solution: Direct and Gentle Wart Removal

- Roll-On Solution: The external component of this kit is a specially formulated roll-on. It is designed to complement the action of the internal remedies by directly targeting the warts on the skin's surface. The roll-on aids in drying out and naturally peeling off the warts, contributing to a non-invasive and pain-free removal process. Contains Thuja Occidentalis MT 0.84% v/v, Glycerine IP 10%,  Alcohol content 69%. Comes in a pleasent herbal aroma, non irritating. 

Together, the internal and external components of the Wart Removal Kit offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to dealing with warts. This dual-action method ensures that warts are treated thoroughly, reducing the likelihood of recurrence and promoting healthier skin. The kit is suitable for various types of warts, including those on sensitive areas, and is designed for ease of use and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Mode Action: Pills and Roll-On for comprehensive treatment. Twin Action prevents further infection, sanitizes & cleans warty growths. 
  • Homeopathy: Effective against stubborn warts, safe on HPV infections.
  • No acids or burning: Enjoy a painless removal process.
  • Easy to carry Packaging: 2 dram pill bottles (approx 80 globules each) and roll-on in a portable case.
  • Glass Containers: Sterile, odor-free, and non-reactive for purity and efficacy.
  • Easy Application: Apply roll-on 2-3 times daily; dissolve 4 pills under the tongue thrice a day.
  • Suitable for adults and children over 2 years.

Say goodbye to unsightly warts with a simple, non-invasive, and natural approach!

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