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Distemper Aid Drops

Distemper Aid Drops

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Cares for a dog diagnosed with distemper

Indications: Canine distemper with associated symptoms of pyrexia, loss of appetite, eye inflammation, diarrhoea, vomiting, rhinitis (nasal discharge) etc.

Compositions: Kali carbonicum 30, Agaricus muscarius 30, Cicuta virosa 30, Veratrum album 30, Eupatorium perfoliatum 30, Arsenic album 30, Belladonna 30, Cuprum aceticum 30, Gelsemium sempervirens 30.

Dosage: For Small Animals: 10-15 drops 3 times a day.
For Large Animals: 15-20 drops 3 times a day. Or as directed by the Veterinarian.

Presentation: 30ml

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