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Doctor-Advised Homeopathy Kits for Natural Height Increase

Doctor-Advised Homeopathy Kits for Natural Height Increase

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Expert-Recommended Remedies for Maximizing Growth Potential

Step into the world of natural growth enhancement with our specially selected homeopathic kits, designed and recommended by renowned doctors. Whether your child is in their formative years or a young adult, our height increase combinations provide a safe, natural path to reaching their full height potential. Embrace a holistic approach to growth with our expert-approved remedies and watch your child grow taller and stronger!

Dr. Pranjali's Optimal Height Growth Formula

Youtube video "how to increase height for teenagers | homeopathic medicine for height increase girls & boys"

Watch her You Tube video to know how to increase height for teenagers, homeopathic medicine for height increase and how to increase height for girls etc. Dr.Pranjali has explained very effective homeopathic medicines for height increase based on her clinical experience

Homeopathic Medicines mentioned in the video and dosages- वीडियो  में दिखाए गये दवाओं के नाम  तथा लेने  का  तरीका :

  • SBL Rite-Hite or Dr.Raj Hightex -1 tablets 3 times in a day. This is a patent formulation from SBL with clinically tested nutrients acts as a growth supplement across all ages. It supports your diet and exercise schedule in promoting overall growth of the body
  • Tuberculinum 200 (purified petroleum derivative)- 2 drops in the morning, no medicines after 24 hours. Dr KS Gopi says Tuberculinum is  an effective remedy for development delay , where the child is emaciated rapidly, and losing flesh while eating well. In Tuberculinum there is a strong tendency to catch cold easily without knowing how and where; seems to take cold every time he takes breath of fresh air. They are mentally and physically weak. Excessive sweat at night is a leading symptom of Tuberculinum. Children have recurrent attacks of upper respiratory tract infections and also have night fever.
  • Syphilinum 1M - 2 drops in the morning repeat these 2 medicine every 1 month, 

    it is well known for its universal healing action to stop the destruction of body tissues, Syphilinum is of great help in treating bone necrosis, curvature of the spine that arises from caries of the spine that may stunt body growth and height. It also addresses mental health of the child with respect to anxiety

  • Baryta carb 3x - 2 TABS 3 times in a day. This medicine prepared from barium carbonate is excellent for developmental delays in children, autism spectrum disorders, memory issues and concentration issues in children’ says Dr Vikas Sharma. Dr KS Gopi says Baryta carbonica is best for scrofulous, dwarfish children, who do not grow. They are both mentally and physically weak. Nutritional disturbances are seen in Baryta carb.  Children, shy of strangers. They hide behind the furniture and keeps the hands over face and peeping through the fingers. They are liable to take cold easily, sore throat from cold, glandular disorders. There is a tendency for enlargement of glands with indurations, especially tonsils. They always have a swollen tonsil. Children with large abdomen is another characteristic symptom. Profuse offensive sweat, especially on feet may be found along with other symptoms.

  • Baryta phos 3x - 2 Pills  3 times in a day

She recommends to start the course with one dose of Tuberculinum 200 (one dose only for 24 Hours no other medicine) followed by Syphilinum 1M the next day (one dose only for 24 Hours no other medicine) . Other height promoter remedies in the list may be taken after this. 

Dr. Nupur Dubey Tips on How to Grow Height after 18

Growing taller after the age of 18 can be challenging due to the closure of growth plates in the bones, which typically occurs around this age. The inclusion of specific supplements and practices to encourage growth, particularly for those who are past their formative years but still wish to explore avenues for height increase.

Dr. Nupur Dubey, a renowned homeopath associated with homeoayur, highlights that specific supplements may catalyze growth in individuals beyond their teenage years. This advice is particularly pertinent as it addresses the crucial final stages of the natural growth cycle, providing the necessary support for those seeking to enhance their stature later in life. For a comprehensive exploration of this topic, Dr. Dubey's detailed YouTube presentation, titled "How to Grow Height | Increase Height After 18 | Is it Possible to Increase Height After 21 | Rite Hite," offers valuable insights and recommendations.

Tuberculinum 200

  • Immune System Support: Tuberculinum is believed to boost the immune system, potentially benefiting overall health and vitality, which can indirectly support growth.
  • Growth Stimulation: It is occasionally recommended for individuals who show signs of delayed growth or developmental issues, under the premise that it may stimulate the body's natural growth processes.

SBL Rite Hite

  • Comprehensive Growth Formula: SBL Rite Hite is a well-known homeopathic growth formula designed to support optimal growth in children and teenagers. It aims to promote healthy bone development, height gain, and overall physical development.
  • Nutritional Support: This formula may also provide nutritional support, offering a blend of homeopathic ingredients that contribute to better absorption and utilization of essential nutrients necessary for growth.

Baryta Carb 200

  • Developmental Aid: Baryta Carb is traditionally used for children who are physically and mentally underdeveloped. It is believed to assist in the development of the body and the brain, promoting overall growth.
  • Support for Glandular Health: It has a specific affinity for improving glandular health, including the thyroid and tonsils, which can play crucial roles in growth and metabolic processes.

Dr. Kirti's Homeopathy Height Maximizer for Ages 18 to 21

Watch his YouTube video  "How to increase height | Age 18 to 21 | Homeopathic medicine" to know more 

  • Rite hite 1 tab 3 times a day. refer above
  • Pituitary Gland 3x 2 tab 2 times a day. Homoeopathically it is prepared by triturating the pituitary gland up to 6X and in dilution thereafter. Pituitary gland secretes various hormones including growth hormone (also referred to as human growth hormone or HGH). The roles of growth hormone include influencing our height, and helping build our bones and muscles. A lack of growth hormone is usually caused by damage to the pituitary gland, or to problems with the blood supply to the pituitary gland
  • Baryta carb 200 2 drops in morning. refer above for indications

additional: he also recommends Baby tone up syrup ( HSL ) as effective medicine for increasing height of young children for proper growth with good digestion and assimilation in children and it also increase immunity (not included in kit)

Dr Kirti Kit contents: 3 medicines, 2 Tablets of 25 Gms each and 1 dilution of 30ml

Dr. Rawat Choudhary's Natural Height Boosting Kit

Kit 3: Dr. Rawat Choudhary of Yash Homeopathy Clinic advises following medicines to increase stunted growth in adolescent boys and girls. Watch his YouTube video titled 'Increase Height Naturally after 18 | लम्बाई बढ़ाए | Best Medicine to Increase Height' to know more . He recommends

  1. Tuberculinum 200 - start treatment with this remedy, 1 dose only every month, i.e., 4 drops on tongue or take medicated pills
  2. Syphilinum 200 - take this every fortnightly (15 days once). One dose only i.e., 4 drops on tongue or take medicated pills
  3. Baryta Carbonica 200take this weekly once (7 days once).  One dose only i.e., 4 drops on tongue or take medicated pills
  4. Thuja Occ 200 - take this weekly once (7 days once).  One dose only i.e., 4 drops on tongue or take medicated pills. Take medicine on different dates i.e., if you are taking above on wednesday, take this on thursday
  5. Rite hite 1 tab 3 times a day. Take it regularly alongwith above medicines

Dr. Rawat Choudhary Kit contents: 5 medicines, 4 30ml dilutions and 1 25 Gms tablets, all sealed units

Dr. Rashmi R Shukla's Speed Growth Medicine Combination

Kit 4: For those looking for speed growth medicines, Dr Rashmi R Shukla a gold medallist homeopath suggests following combinations. Watch her YouTube video titled 'तेज़ी से लम्बाई कैसे बढ़ाये? Best Medicine For Height Growth 100% effective' She says this combination is effective in treatment of stunted growth resulting in short height.

  1. Tuberculinum 200 start with this remedy, one dose (3-4 drops directly) monthly once only, repeat for 6 months
  2. Syphilinum 1M take this medicine exactly 15 days after Tuberculinum, one dose (3-4 drops directly) once only, repeat for 6 months
  3. Baryta carb 6X 2 drops thrice daily. Dr says this promotes mental development in growing children alongwith physical growth
  4. Baryta carb Q + Baryta mur Q (mother tincture mixture) - useful for teenage adults, take 10 drops twice daily in 1/4 cup warm water
  5. Calcarea phos 6x - 2 tablets twice daily

Other similar height promoter homeopathy medicines

Get the complete collection of top height increase homeopathy medicines with FAQ here 

  1. SBL Rite Hite Tablets - Holistic Homeopathic Growth Promoter for Children
  2. Wheezal Grotall Drops, Height Promoter, Growth Booster
  3. Blooume 16 Gro T Drops, Height, Body Growth promoter
  4. Dr Raj Super Heightex Tablets to increase height
  5. Haslab Physi Hite Tablets for height increase
  6.  Baksons Hite Aid Tablets
  7.  Lords Hite Up Tablets

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. homeoayur does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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