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Dr.Reckeweg R193 Immune Fortifier Drops - Natural Boost for Your Immune System

Dr.Reckeweg R193 Immune Fortifier Drops - Natural Boost for Your Immune System

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Strengthen Your Immune Defense with Dr.Reckeweg R193

Embrace Wellness with Dr.Reckeweg R193 Immune Fortifier Drops. In a world where health is paramount, R193 is your trusted German ally in building a robust immune system. With the natural power of Belladonna, Echinacea, and Ferrum Phosphoricum, these drops are not just a defense against common illnesses but a step towards sustained health and vitality. Whether it's fighting off a recurrent cold or bouncing back quicker from illnesses, R193 empowers your body to heal naturally. Reduce stress, combat fatigue, and fortify your immune system with every drop. It's time to live life with fewer interruptions and more vigor – all thanks to the natural potency of Dr.Reckeweg RI93

Dr.Reckeweg R193 immune Fortifier Drops Indications

  • Strengthens Immune system.
  • Fights diseases naturally. Reduces the risk of Infection.
  • Faster recovery after any illness.
  • Beneficial in recurrent cough, cold & fever.
  • Reduces stress & fatigue.

Natural Ingredients for Enhanced Immunity in Reckeweg R193 

Composition : Belladonna D6, Echinacea D4, Ferrum Phosphoricum D6

Benefits of Ingredients:


  • Belladonna D6: Known for its effectiveness in reducing fever and alleviating symptoms of cold and cough.
  • Echinacea D4: A powerhouse for enhancing immune system function, well-regarded for its natural ability to fight infections.
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum D6: Essential for maintaining healthy iron levels in the body, contributing to overall vitality and energy, particularly beneficial during recovery from illness.

Combat Illness Effectively with RI93 Drops

Dosage : 3 times daily, 10-15 drops in some water.

Size: 22ml

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