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Dr. Recommended Homeopathy Kit for Varicose Veins Treatment

Dr. Recommended Homeopathy Kit for Varicose Veins Treatment

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A well-known homeopathic doctor recommends six essential homeopathic remedies for varicose veins and spider veins treatment along with two add-on medicines (for females & obese patients).  He says that Varicose veins are a chronic condition that requires prolonged treatment to show results. He recommends this set of medicine to be taken for 15 days and continue if improvements are seen in the condition.

This homeopathy varicose treatment combination helps

  • to clean up affected parts by removing blood clogging and improves circulation
  • improve venous hemodynamic parameters of primary varicose veins 
  • aid affected veins to regain their shape from deformity due to varicose

About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large, swollen veins that often appear on the legs and feet. They happen when the valves in the veins do not work properly, so the blood does not flow effectively. The veins need treatment for swelling, aching, and painful legs. Also termed as engorged veins (Gnarled, enlarged veins, most commonly appearing in the legs and feet)

Symptoms : In the majority of cases, there is no pain, but signs and symptoms of varicose veins may include:

  • veins look twisted, swollen, and lumpy (bulging)
  • the veins are blue or dark purple
  • The involvement of long saphenous vein is more common than the short saphenous vein.

Some patients may also experience:

  • aching legs, legs feel heavy, especially after exercise or at night, swollen ankles
  • a minor injury to the affected area may result in longer bleeding than normal
  • lipodermatosclerosis – fat under the skin just above the ankle can become hard, resulting in the skin shrinking
  • there may be a shiny skin discoloration near the varicose veins, usually brownish or blue in color

Varicose Veins Causes : The veins have one-way valves so that the blood can travel in only one direction. If the walls of the vein become stretched and less flexible (elastic), the valves may get weaker. A weakened valve can allow blood to leak backward and eventually flow in the opposite direction. When this occurs, blood can accumulate in the vein(s), which then become enlarged and swollen.

Does Surgery fixes Varicose Veins?: Ligation with stripping plus phlebectomy is generally regarded as the "standard" for treating primary long saphenous veins. As per Dermatologic Surgery journal, treatment for varicose veins must be based on objective clinical and pathophysiological findings. Because surgical treatment (like sub-fascial ligation), induces changes in the remaining venous segments of the legs that continue for several months. Also patients complained of

  • recurrence of pain after 2 years of surgery
  • persistence of pigmentation after surgery
  • persistence of ankle edema

Safety and efficacy of varicose vein treatment in homeopathy has been validated by various clinical studies for both short term and long term effectiveness. The homeopathy medicines give satisfactory results in the treatment of varicose veins, with short or no hospitalization, low morbidity, and zero mortality.

Kit 1: Dr. Kirti Vikram Varicose Veins treatment Kit in Homeopathy

We present Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh recommended homeopathic medicine kit for the treatment of Varicose Veins containing the most effective medicines to address this condition. Watch his YouTube video titled " Powerful Homeopathic Medicine for Varicose veins ?" to know more

Kit Contents: Dr. Kirti Vikram Varicose Veins kit contains 8 units of sealed medicines of Aesculus Hippocastanum 200C- 1 unit, Acidum Fluoricum/ Fluoric Acid 30C- 1 unit, Calcarea Carbonica 200C- 1 unit, Calcarea flouricum 12X tablets- 1 unit, Hamamelis Virginica 30C- 1 unit, Lachesis 200C- 1 unit,  Thuja Occidentalis 200C- 1 unit, Dr. Reckeweg R42 drops- 1 unit

Size: dilutions- 30 ml, tablets- 25 gms

Mode of action of individual remedies in treating Varicose Veins

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum 200C is an effective remedy for the treatment of varicose veins, haemorrhoids, and swollen veins. It promotes thinning of blood and reduces swelling of the veins. Dr. Kirtis says that due to vein enlargements, its structure weakens and collapses. This medicine is very effective in reducing inflammation and normalize the vein structure Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue in the morning
  • Acidum Fluoricum (Fluoric Acid 30C) is suited for body weakness leading to varicose veins, usually occurs due to a job that involves standing for long hours of time. It is very useful for the treatment of varicose veins and varicose veins on the left legs. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 2 times a day. (Morning- Evening)
  • Calcarea Flourica 12X tablets are an effective homeopathic elasticity mineral remedy that is used for the treatment of varicose veins. Dr. Kirtis says this is a very imp medicine, as it treats overgrowths, improves blood flow by normalizing the veins in clogged areas. This is also very useful for Piles, varicose veins, varicocele. Dosage: 6 tablets 3 times a day (Morning- Afternoon- Evening)
  • Hamamelis Virginica 30C corrects vein deformities, clears accumulated blood due to varicose veins. It is an effective pain reliever that helps in providing effective relief from pains associated with haemorrhages, varicose veins, and haemorrhoids. It reduces soreness in the parts affected and is the pivotal function of this remedy. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 2 times a day. (Morning- Evening)
  • Thuja occidentalis 200C is a leading remedy for overgrowth, enlargement of any tissue in the body. It is the best cure for enlarged veins accompanied by cramps in the lower limbs. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue in the morning
  • Dr. Reckeweg R 42 Varicosis Drops is a patent homeopathy medicine for varicose veins, formation of blood clots in veins (venous stasis), veins that become enlarged and twisted (varicosis), inflammation, and choking of veins in lower limbs along with the sensation of feeling heavy and itching. Dosage: 10-15 drops 3 times a day with 1/2cup of water

Additionally recommended Homeopathic Medicines for varicose in Females and Obese people

  • Calcarea Carbonica 200C is suited for obese people who tend to develop varicose veins esp females. It is indicated for varicose veins that hurt while the person is standing or walking may respond to this remedy. People who need this remedy often have poor circulation, clammy hands and feet, and a general feeling of chilliness. They may have weak or flabby muscles and be easily tired by exertion. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue once a week.
  • Lachesis 200C especially suited for females in the menopausal stage (45-50 years) suffering from varicose veins with a bluish-purplish appearance. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue in the morning

Kit 2: Dr Pranjali Varicose Veins Home remedies kit

Dr Pranjali recommends certain homeopathic remedies that can help you get rid of varicose veins quicky and naturally at home. These help to remove varicose veins symptoms from hands and legs gradually. Watch her You Tube video titled "Varicose veins treatment | naso ki sujan ka ilaj | naso ki sujan dur karne ke upay" to know more. She recommends

  1. Dr.Reckeweg R42 drops to relieve pressure on venous walls due to varicosity , 15 drops ¼ cup of water 3 times
  2. Calcarea Fluor 6x for hardness of venous walls due to loss of elasticity leading to engorged puffed up veins.The loss of the regular collagen/elastic lattice of the vein wall due to weakened valves (incompetent valves) or the presence of abnormal collagen to elastin ratio plays a major role in the pathogenesis of varicose veins. Calcarea fluorica is a well known biochemic mineral for connective tissue and indicated for blood vessel walls Dose: 4 tablets 3 times day
  3. Hamamelis Q for improving blood flow, removes obstruction, and pain due to varicose veins. Dose 10 drops ¼ cup of water 3 times

Dr says the treatment should continue for minimum 2-3 months, she says the combination is helpful in addressing many of the symptoms and providing relief  , however you may find the emergent puffed up veins still visible as these cannot be cured due to permanent loss of elasticity.

Dr Swapnil sagar Jain varicose veins treatment without surgery

  1. Dr Swapnil says one can avoid varicose veins surgers as it comes with some unintended consequences. He says when symptoms are matched to remedies as in homeopathy, one can obtain good results without surgical options. Watch his YouTube video titled "varicose vein treatment/homeopathic treatment/symptoms/causes" to know more. He recommends
  2. Hamamelis 30 for bleeding varicose veins, sore, inflammed, with pain 2 drops thrice daily. He says if bleeding is more one can take Hamaelis Q instead of Hamamelis 30
  3. Arnica 200 for bruised feeling and pain in affected area. Dose 2 drops morning and night (twice daily)
  4. Pulsatilla 200 this medicine is suited for varicose veins in females, women are at high risk to develop the condition. Hormonal induced changes before a menstrual period or during pregnancy or onset of menopause might be a factor because female hormones tend to relax vein walls. Hormone treatments, such as birth control pills, might increase the risk of varicose veins. Pulsatilla is given for varicose veins in felaes due to menstrual irregularities, menopause. A key symptom is thirstlessness, seeks open air, Dose 2 drops morning and night (twice daily)
  5. Calcarea Carb 200  a characteristic medicine for 3F patient profile (fat-fair-flabby), indicated for varicose due to obesity, prominent in legs. Dose 2 drops morning and night (twice daily)
  6. Graphites 200  for patients who are constipated, overweight, with calf muscle cramping alongwith varicose Dose 2 drops morning and night (twice daily)

Dr cautions that all medicines need not be taken but only those that matches symptoms. Hence Kit not available. You may buy individual remedies listed above that matches symptoms or as advised by your doctor 

Note: Indicated single remedies/medicines will be made available either in sealed units of Schwabe, SBL, Hahnemann, or other brands, (depending on availability).

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Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. homeoayur does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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