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Ear hematoma in Pets, Homeopathy Veterinary remedies

Ear hematoma in Pets, Homeopathy Veterinary remedies

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Dog Ear Hematoma Treatment in Homeopathy

Ear hematoma in Pets appears a bump in ear flaps due to  localized mass of blood due to blood vessels rupture in the earflap, or pinna.

This condition is commonly found in dogs as some tend to excessively or violent shaking their head or excessive scratch as a result of an infection, allergy, bite wound, or other inflammatory ear condition. An ear hematoma, also referred to as an aural hematoma, is a blood-filled pocket on the inside of the ear flap. An ear hematoma is extremely painful for a dog, and the intense swelling can be alarming.

Homeopathy medicines for ear hematoma accelerate the healing process and reduce the discomfort your pet may be undergoing. If your dog has an ear hematoma, most conventional vets will recommend surgery. However it can be treated with gentlle and safe and non invasive homeopathy.

  1. Arnica 200 - The chief action of arnica is on the blood and blood vessel particularly on the capillaries (small blood vessels). It is known to possess a quality of absorbing blood. It also has antibiotic properties, hence preventing septic conditions. It affects the weak capillary walls and strengthens them and also causes constriction of the dilated small vessel, stopping the flow of blood. It can affect these vessels and increases their power to retain the blood. It is a wonderful remedy in the first stage of injury, where much bruising has been done and the pain is intense but diffused.
  2. Arnica has a wonderful capability of reabsorption of blood. Dr Vikas Sharma says 'It can be given for hematomas (collection of blood under superficial layers), for conditions where there is concealed bleeding, the blood has escaped out of the capillaries but the skin remains intact'.
  3. Hamamelis 200 - Among its various actions, the two most prominent ones are to control haemorrhage (bleeding) from various organs and reduce venous blood congestion When a hematoma is present, the pinna will appear very thick and spongy. Hamamelis treats inflammation of ear canal and associated prickling pain. 
  4. Bufo Rana 200 - This medicine is indicated when there is black blue swelling around bruised parts with pus formation in some cases . Bufo treats any infection that may have caused swelling and intense pain.

This combination will work for other pets like cats, horses, rabbits as well

Dosage: place 3-4 medicated pills on your pets tongue and let it swallow. Do this 2-3 times in a day

Homeopathy for Boils and Sores in Pets

  1. Mercurius (Merc. sol.) - If pus discharge from boil or a sore is not very thick, the use of this medicine shows its effect immediately.
  2. Sulphur 200 - In the preliminary stage of the disease use of this medicine proves useful.
  3. Graphites 1000 - This is the best medicine for boils ‘containing pus.
  4. Rhus tox. 200 - This medicine is especially useful ‘for boils and sores occurring in the rainy days.
  5. Arnica 200 - In summer, if boils are appearing one after the other and their color is red, then give this medicine
  6. Petroleum. 200 - This medicine proves beneficial for boils which appear in winter

The above remedies are recommended by Dr Kamal Kansal. For more information on other pet diseases buy his book 'Pet Animals - Diseases and their Homeopathic treatment'

Dosageplace 3-4 medicated pills on your pets tongue and let it swallow. Do this 2-3 times in a day

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