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German Causticum Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

German Causticum Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q

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About German Causticum Mother Tincture Q

It is very effective against live problems like hepatogenic toxemia and liver insufficiency. The drug works very well to soothe the lymph glands, sinusitis, and hypotension. It has a lot of mental benefits and helps against nervous tension and increases concentration. Ailments related to the head, eyes, nose, and abdomen is treated using it.

Patient Profile

Mind-Child does not want to go to bed alone. The least thing makes it cry. Sad, hopeless. Intensely sympathetic. Ailments from long-lasting grief, and sudden emotions. Thinking of complaints, aggravates, especially hćmorrhoids.

Head- Sensation of empty space between forehead and brain. Pain in right frontal eminence.

Face- Paralysis of the right side. Warts. Pain in facial bones. Dental fistula. Pain in jaws, with difficulty in opening mouth.

Eyes- Cataract with motor disturbances. Inflammation of eyelids; ulceration. Sparks and dark spots before eyes Ptosis (Gels). Vision impaired, as if the film were before eyes. Paralysis of ocular muscles after exposure to cold.

Ears- Ringing, roaring, pulsating, with deafness; words and steps re-echo; chronic middle-ear catarrh; accumulation of ear wax.

Nose- Coryza, with hoarseness. Scaly nose. Nostrils ulcerated. Pimples and warts.

Mouth- Bites inside of cheek from chewing. Paralysis of the tongue, with indistinct speech. Rheumatism of articulation of lower jaw. Gums bleed easily.

Stomach- Greasy taste. Aversion to sweets. Feels as if lime were burned in the stomach. Worse after eating fresh meat; smoked meat agrees. The sensation of a ball rising in the throat. Acid dyspepsia.

Stool- Soft and small, the size of goose-quill (Phos). Hard, tough, covered with mucus; shines like grease; small-shaped; expelled with much straining, or only on standing up. Pruritus. Partial paralysis of the rectum. Rectum sore and burns. Fistula and large piles.

Urine- Involuntary when coughing, or sneezing (Puls). Expelled very slowly, and sometimes retained. Involuntary during the first sleep at night; also from the slightest excitement. Retention after surgical operations. Loss of sensibility on passing urine.

Female -Uterine inertia during labor. Menses cease at night; flow only during the day (Cycl; Puls). Leucorrhśa at night, with great weakness (Nat mur). Menses delay, late (Con. Graph; Puls).

Respiratory- Hoarseness with pain in chest; aphonia. Larynx sore. Cough, with raw soreness of the chest. Expectoration is scanty; must be swallowed. Cough with pain in the hip, especially left worse in the evening; better, drinking cold water; worse, warmth of bed. Sore streak down the trachea. Mucus under sternum, which he cannot quite reach. Pain in chest, with palpitation. Cannot lie down at night. Voice re-echoes. Own voice roars in ears and distresses. The difficulty of the voice of singers and public speakers (Royal).

Back- Stiffness between shoulders. Dull pain in the nape of the neck.

Extremities-Left -sided sciatica, with numbness. Paralysis of single parts. Dull, tearing pain in hands and arms. Heaviness and weakness. Tearing joints. Unsteadiness of muscles of forearm and hand. Numbness; loss of sensation in hands. Contracted tendons. Weak ankles. Cannot walk without suffering. Rheumatic tearing in limbs; better by warmth, especially heat of bed. Burning in joints. Slow in learning to walk. Unsteady walking and easily falling. Restless legs at night. Cracking and tension in knees; stiffness in the hollow of the knee. Itching on dorsum of feet.

Skin- Soreness in folds of skin, back of ears, between thighs. Warts large, jagged, bleeding easily, on tips of fingers and nose. Old burns that do not get well, and ill effects from burns. Pains of burns. Cicatrices freshen up; old injuries reopen. Skin prone to intertrigo during dentition.

Sleep- Very drowsy; can hardly keep awake. Nocturnal sleeplessness, with dry heat, inquietude.

Key Benefits:

  • Useful in treating liver problems like hepatogenic toxemia and liver insufficiency
  • Soothes the lymph glands and eases sinusitis and hypotension
  • Reduces nervous tension, gloomy and melancholic mood
  • It is indicated in strabismus and helps in reducing dryness in the throat
  • Effective in treatment against squint eyes
  • Provides relief from the nasal block and nosebleed
  • Useful in treating dry throat and cough with white lumps
  • Useful in treating liver and kidney-related ailments
  • Removes whitish discoloration of the skin

About German Homeopathy remedies: These medicines are made and bottled in Germany. They are shipped to India and sold through authorized distributors. German brands available in India currently are Dr. Reckeweg, Schwabe Germany (WSG), and Adel (Pekana).

Causticum Mother Tincture Q is available in the following German brands and Sizes

  • Reckeweg (20ml)
  • Adel (20ml)
  • Schwabe (WSG) (20ml)
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