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German Cina Mother Tincture Q

German Cina Mother Tincture Q

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About German Cina Mother Tincture Q:

Cina MT is a unique remedy in all ailments dependent on worms, such as fever, derangements of stomach and bowels, epilepsy, spasms and convulsions. It is used in case of irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding of teeth, and even convulsions, with screams and violent jerking of the hands and feet, are all within its range of action. The Cina patient is hungry, cross, ugly, and wants to be rocked. Pain in shocks. Skin sensitive to touch.

It is essentially a children’s remedy and is indicated in intestinal irritation, worm infestation and accompanying complaints. Marked mental irritability, constantly changing appetite, grinding of teeth, and convulsions, with screaming and violent jerking of the hands and feet.

Homeopathic medicine Cina is prepared from the unexpanded flower heads of plant Cina maritima also known as Artemisia maritima. Cina is a source of santonin which was widely used as a drug in past to expel worms from the body. But in the homeopathic system of medicine, use of this remedy is done for many more complaints apart from worms. It is majorly used in children to treat irritability in children, difficult teething, bedwetting and worms. 

It is well suited to children who remain irritable, cross all the time. Along with this they wish to be carried always. It is top listed medicine to help treat complaints during teething, bedwetting, colic, anal itching, grinding of teeth and sleep troubles in children

German Homeopathy Medicines are available in Dr Reckeweg (Benshiem), Schwabe Germany (WSG), and Adel (Pekana). These medicines are bottled in Germany and manufactured to German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB) standards and imported in India

What doctors recommend Cina in Homeopathy?

Dr Vikas Sharma recommends

In Homeopathy, Cina is indicated for many complaints apart from worms. It is majorly used in children to treat irritability in children, difficulty teething, bedwetting, and worms.

  • treats many of the complaints related to the mind in children, calms irritated & obstinate children's
  • nasal complaints with excessive itching in the nose
  • treats teething difficulties in children
  • Great help in cases of abdominal colic in children, for cutting, pinching pain in the abdomen
  • cough which is violent and spasmodic in nature (i.e. which ends in vomiting)
  • highly recommended for treating bedwetting in children.
  • Addresses insomnia in children who are sleepless at night. They remain restless and toss around in the bed

Dr. KS Gopi recommends

  • Cina 30  is the best remedy for dark circles around the eye in children, with marked irritability. weakness and anemic condition, worm infestation. pale appearance and dark circles.
  • Cina 30 is an excellent remedy for crying, mainly due to worms.  The child often suffers from nightmares and night terrors, cries out, screams, and wakes up frightened.

Dr. Pranjali recommends Cina Homeopathic medicine along with 2 other remedies for helminthiasis or stomach worms

What are the side effects of Cina?

No side effects of Cina are known or reported.

What precautions to take before taking Cina?


Is Cina suitable for children?


How long should I take Cina?

To be taken till complaints are relieved or as suggested and prescribed by the physician.

Is it safe to take Cina during Pregnancy?

Yes. However, as with any other drug, it is better to consult a physician before taking any medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

About German Homeopathy remedies: These medicines are made and bottled in Germany. They are shipped to India and sold through authorized distributors. German brands available in India currently are Dr. Reckeweg, Schwabe Germany (WSG), and Adel (Pekana).

Cina Mother Tincture Q is available in following German brands and Sizes

  • Reckeweg (20ml) 
  • Schwabe (WSG) (20ml) 
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