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Grindelia Robusta LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution

Grindelia Robusta LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution

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For splenic pains, relieves itchy skin and heals blisters caused due to burns. cough, cold and fever

Indications for Grindelia Robusta LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution:

  1. Similar Action: Both Grindelia robusta and Grindelia squarrosa are noted to have practically no difference in their action, though G. squarrosa is credited with more splenic symptoms, dull pains, fullness in the left hypochondrium, chronic malaria, gastric pains associated with splenic congestion, and induces paralysis, typically starting in the extremities.
  1. Cardio-Pulmonary Action: These plants act on the cardio-pulmonary distribution of the pneumo-gastric nerve, particularly in dry catarrh. They can induce a paresis of the pneumo-gastric nerve, interfering with respiration, leading to conditions like smothering after falling asleep, asthmatic conditions, chronic bronchitis, and bronchorrhea with tough mucus.
  2. Other Actions: They can raise blood pressure, alleviate nausea and retching in gastric ulcer, and are noted as an effective antidote to Rhus-poisoning, burns, blisters, vaginal catarrh, and herpes zoster. They may also help with hyperchlorhydria when accompanied by asthmatic and other neurotic symptoms.
  3. Symptoms: Symptoms may include a feeling of fullness in the head, pain in the eyeballs, dilated pupils, purulent ophthalmia and iritis, wheezing, oppression in bronchitis, difficulty in detaching foamy mucus in bronchitic patients, asthma with tenacious expectoration, breathing difficulties when lying down, cutting pain in the region of the spleen, enlargement of the spleen, skin rashes, vesicular and papular eruptions, itching, burning, and ulcers with swollen, purplish skin.
  4. Relationship to Other Remedies: Grindelia robusta and Grindelia squarrosa are compared to other remedies like Tart-emet, Eriodictyon, Lachesis, and Sanguinaria.
  1. Dosage: They can be taken in tincture form in doses ranging from 1 to 15 drops, as well as lower potencies.

About LM potency homeopathy medicines

In the sixth edition of ‘Organon,’ Dr. Hahnemann introduced a new system of dilution and potentization and called it “renewed dynamisation” with a diluting ratio of 1:50,000. It was named 50 millesimal potency or LM potency by Dr. Pierre Schmidt. In some parts of the world, it is also called Q potency. It soon got professional acceptance. To date, it is recognized by different homoeopathic pharmacopoeias including American and Indian.

What are they and how are they denoted?

These homoeopathic potencies are prepared in the diluting scale of 1:50,000 and denoted as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3…..etc. They are generally used up to 0/30.

Perceived advantages

  • Highest development of power at each potency level.
  • Mildest reaction – no medicinal aggravation.
  • Frequent repetition is permitted; every hour or often in urgent cases.
  • Quick cure in chronic cases where it can be given daily or often.
  • 0/3 is more subtle than 30C or 200C and the 0/30 is sharper than CM as believed by many classical homoeopaths.

LM potency dosage: Generally LM potencies are administered as follows:

  1. Take a 4oz (120ml) to 6oz (180ml) clean glass bottle. Fill it 3/4th with water. Take 1 or 2 globules of the desired potency (often starting at LM 0/1) and place it into the bottle.
  2. Succuss the bottle just before ingestion 1 to 12 times depending on the sensitivity of the patient. This slightly raises the potency and activates the remedy.
  3. Take 1, or more teaspoons of the medicinal solution and place it into 8 to 10 tablespoons of water in a dilution glass and stir it. Most cases are started with 1 teaspoon and the amount is increased only if necessary. In children, the amount should be 1/2 teaspoon. Infants may only need 1/4 of a teaspoon.

The dosage of the medicinal solution can be carefully adjusted to suit the sensitivity of the individual’s constitution

Note: We dispense SBL LM potency medicines in 1/2, 1 & 2 dram plastic containers, image for illustrative purposes only.

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