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Haslab HC21 Oenanthe Complex Tablet (Epilepsy)

Haslab HC21 Oenanthe Complex Tablet (Epilepsy)

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Homeopathy Haslab HC21 Indications - Used in cases of minor epilepsy, tremors and teeth grinding at night. Epileptic convulsions and face twitching, madness, idiotic look, pupils dilated, eyes turned up and unconciousness with attack.

मिर्गी का दौरा, रात को दांत पीसना, थरथराना, चेहरे पर पागलपन झलकना, पुतलियाँ फैली हुई, आँखें ऊपर पलटना, दौरा पड़ने पर होश खो बैठना

Indication of Homeopathy Haslab HC 21 (Oenanthe Complex): Convulsions and twitching of face, Teeth grinding at night

Composition of Haslab HC21 - Oenanthe 3x, Kali Brom 3x, Zincum Phos 6x

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab HC 21 (Oenanthe Complex)

  1. Oenanthe 3x : Convulsive twitching of facial muscles, foaming at mouth, locked jaws. Burning in throat and stomach, Cold hands and feet. Numbness of hand and foot. 
  2. Kali Brom 3x : Face flushed. Numb feeling in head. Brain-fag. Busy twitching of fingers. Jerking and twitching of muscles.
  3. Zincum Phos 6x : Removes the mental depression, feeling of fatigue with disinclination to any mental exertion.   

Dose : Adults 2 tab., Children 1 tab. 3-4 times daily for 3 to 4 years.


Dr.Reckeweg R33 epilepsy drops for convulsions, twitching muscles

WL9 Convulsion drops with Bufo Rana for convulsive seizures occur during sleep at night.  Numbness of brain. Supports normal electrical activity of brain 

Allen A45 epilepsy drops contains Hyoscyamus Niger that helps in treating nerve and brain-related disorder, sensory disturbances

Haslab HC21 Tablets contains Oenanthe 3x for convulsive twitching of facial muscles, foaming at mouth, locked jaws. 

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