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Healing women with homeopathy. Book by Dr. Kavita Chandak

Healing women with homeopathy. Book by Dr. Kavita Chandak

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Books covers important & widespread gynaecologic disorders

The book covers a gamut of women climacteric health issues starting from menarche over dysmenorrhea to menopause reflects issues from which women suffer frequently. Sterility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast issues,constipation and urinary problems are described thoroughly. Equal importance paid to physical and mental plane. The book contains a description of the materia medica of several homeopathic remedies with special emphasis on gynaecology.

Furthermore, several case reports guide the reader into the technique of successful homeopathic prescribing.

About the Author

Kavita Chandak, a homeopathic doctor working in Nagpur, India, went through the trouble of breaking taboos on conventional medicine and opened up the field for a healing method that is unfortunately known to only a few medical opinion leaders. The fact that she does not do this with the fanaticism of homeopaths who are uncritically convinced of this method, but always looks for scientific approaches that lead to amazing findings, is respectable.

Preface by author

The book is a detailed description of female diseases, the Materia Media of related medicines (around 300 drugs), description of a few modern remedies like Medullosseinum, HPV etc; guidance about the application of Homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice (aphorism numbers are mentioned), and use of Repertory along with 33 successful case studies (by overcoming the failure).

Clinical repertory for Gynaecology is included with the chapters.

I hope this book would prove the adverb 'Books are the best friends' true and will be able to show the correctpath to the followers.


  1. Puberty - conditions and homeopathic management
  2. Reproductive age - conditions and homeopathic management
  3. Pregnancy - conditions and homeopathic management
  4. Delivery/Labour - homeopathic management
  5. Menopause - homeopathic management
  6. Cancer - homeopathic management
  7. Case taking
  8. Potency selection in gynaecogical/obstetrical cases
  9. Importance of dreams and delusions in gynaecological cases
  10. Core of a few imporatant female remedies
  11. The homeopathic gynaecology kit
  12. Rare, small, lesser known remedies with specific indications
  13. Case studies.
Additional Information
Pages  206
Authors Dr Kavita Chandak
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Language English


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