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Homeopathic Alzheimer's Treatment: Natural Remedies for Cognitive Health

Homeopathic Alzheimer's Treatment: Natural Remedies for Cognitive Health

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Alzheimer's medication

Mainstream medications for Alzheimer's disease may not be effective for everyone and could lose efficacy over time, according to the Mayo Clinic. In contrast, Dr. K.S. Gopi, a renowned homeopathic practitioner, asserts that carefully chosen homeopathic remedies can significantly aid in managing Alzheimer's symptoms, reducing their severity, slowing disease progression, and preventing further development.

Homeopathic Alzheimer's medicines improve cognitive functions, address the severe loss of memory, provide cognitive stimulation for neuropsychiatric symptoms, and inhibit the aberrant neuronal growth which primarily causes the progression of the disease

As per a study published in the Journal of Health Science, herbomineral preparation may prove to be a useful remedy for the management of Alzheimer's disease

Dr.K.S. Gopi a researcher, academician, practitioner, and author of best seller book Homeopathy Easy Prescriber has identified important remedies for this condition

Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Alzheimer's Disease

Anacardium Orientale and Alumina for Memory Loss

  • Anacardium Orientale 30 - is one of the top remedies for Alzheimer’s disease with forgetfulness. Anacardium is suitable to manic – depressed persons. Marked forgetfulness is the key symptom of Anacardium. The person suddenly forgets names, those around her, and what she has seen. There is a mental and physical lack of power. The memory is progressively bad. There is brain fatigue. Anacardium persons are unsociable, show great irritability and anxiety, are angry and depressed, jealous and suspicious. They have profound depression with a tendency to use foul, violent language. Also useful in auditory hallucinations (when a person hears voices of persons far away or hears voices of dead people or spirits). Also indicated in various delusions (false belief, altered reality).
  • Alumina 200 is suitable for elderly people with weak memory or completely blank. This happens when the neuron network decreases in Alzheimer’s causing brain shrinkage. The person’s consciousness of reality and judgment is disturbed. He is confused as to his identity. When he sees or states something, he has the feeling as though another person had said or seen or as he was placed in another person and could see only then. He has alternating moods and shows absent-mindedness. He makes mistakes in writing and speaking. Alumina persons suffer from constipation.

Natural Solutions for Memory and Cognitive Function

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and Curcuma Longa in Alzheimer's

  • Ginkgo biloba Q is considered a specific remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. It is a famous brain tonic that improves cerebral blood flow. It prevents problems with memory, senility, and mental dullness. Mentally the person is weak and exhausted. The person has poor concentration. Loss of memory and inability to solve mental tasks. Absent-minded and forgetful. Cerebral blood flow (CBF) and cerebral autoregulation (CA) are critically important to maintain proper brain perfusion and supply the brain with the necessary oxygen and energy substrates. In patients with Alzheimer's disease, decreases in blood flow to the brain over time are related to cognitive decline. Certain specific brain areas are particularly affected by decreases in blood flow, which are generally involved in memory and task performance.
  • Curcuma longa Q is considered a specific remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. This action is due to the presence of curcumin in Curcuma longa. As per the national institute of Health (NIH) Curcumin is a pleiotropic agent for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Curcumin decreases Aβ production (amino acid cluster), inhibits Aβ aggregation, and promotes Aβ clearance. Besides, curcumin inhibits inflammatory signal pathways and decreases the production of inflammatory cytokines. Curcumin’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipophilic action improves cognitive functions in patients with AD. Other findings point to its action in preventing the formation and even break up, of amyloid-beta plaques, the toxic protein clumps that build up in Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. K.S. Gopi's Recommended Alzheimer's Homeopathic Medicines

Top Homeopathic Picks: Lac Caninum and Kali Phosphoricum

  • Lac caninum 200 is best for Alzheimer’s disease with severe loss of memory so the person finds difficulty in reading and writing. Due to brain atrophy in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, the brain shrinks dramatically, affecting nearly all its functions. Patient is very forgetful while writing and makes a lot of mistakes. When reading anything she rapidly changes the meaning omitting or adding things. Lack of concentration while reading or writing. She is very restless, cannot concentrate her thoughts or mind to read, and wants to leave everything as soon as it is commenced. Lac caninum person is highly despondent and thinks her disease is incurable and recovery is impossible.
  • Kali Phosphoricum 200- the affected person has a weak nervous system and brain. It is best for Alzheimer’s disease with anxiety, nervousness, and depression. The person forgets everything, great loss of memory. It is a good remedy for brain fag. The person is depressed, gloomy, angry, and irritable. There is marked exhaustion and fatigue. The slightest task seems a heavy task.

How Homeopathy Can Help in Alzheimer's Symptom Management

Combating Alzheimer's with Cannabis Indica and Aurum Met

Cannabis Indica 200 is excellent for Alzheimer’s disease with the sudden loss of memory. The person is absent–minded, forgetful, and cannot finish a sentence. There is a sudden loss of speech, begins a sentence but cannot finish it. Sudden loss of thoughts. There is a great inability to recall ideas even after exerting the mind to do so. The person shows anxiety, and anguish, better in the open air. There is a misconception about time and space. The person feels that time passes too long, seconds seem ages, and a few miles an immense distance.

Aurum met 200 is best for Alzheimer’s disease with acute depression. There is hopelessness and grief. The disgust of life and thoughts of suicide. The person talks of committing suicide, but great fear of death. Upto 40 % of people with Alzheimer's disease suffer from significant depression and dementia can cause some of the same symptoms. Common symptoms like loss of interest in normal hobbies. withdrawal from social situations, forgetfulness is displayed

Medorrhinum 1M is one of the best remedies for Alzheimer’s disease with severe weakness of memory. The person loses the thread of conversation and forgets names, words, and places. He forgets his name, the names of his close friends and family members. He is hurried and anxious and cannot speak without weeping, tells it over and over again. He feels that time passes too slowly. Medorrhinum is suited to sycotic constitution.

Nux moschata 200 is best for Alzheimer’s disease with difficulty in reading and writingAphasia occurs when areas of the brain that control language are damaged, making it difficult to speak, read, and write. The mind is confused and memory is impaired. Thoughts suddenly vanish while talking, reading, or writing. He frequently uses of wrong words. Objects seem to change or grow larger. She is absent-minded, and shows drowsiness and indifferent behavior.

Source: blog article in ks-gopi dot blog spot dot com

Tip For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor

Note: above medicines are available in 2-dram medicated globules or 30 ml dilutions (sealed unit). 

Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. (Drops): The usual dosage is 3-4 drops in a teaspoon of water 2-3 times daily. Dosage may vary depending on the conditions. Always consult a Homeopathic Physician before taking medicines


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Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube, Blog whose reference is provided. homeoayur does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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