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Homeopathic Injury First Aid Kit - Essential Remedies for Cuts, Bruises, Wounds Care

Homeopathic Injury First Aid Kit - Essential Remedies for Cuts, Bruises, Wounds Care

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Injury Kit

Step into a world of safe and natural healing with our Homeopathic First Aid Kit. Tailored for life's unexpected moments, our kit arms you with 24 essential remedies for quick and effective injury care. Whether it's a sprain, cut, or bruise, from the playground to the sports field, ensure your family is protected. Embrace the power of homeopathy and keep your loved ones safe, naturally.

Comprehensive Homeopathy Care for Everyday Injuries

This vital first aid homeopathy kit comprises 24 crucial medicines tailored for injury-related issues, facilitating recovery or preventing the exacerbation of injuries until professional medical help arrives.

A study from the US, published in Public Health Reports, found that over 900,000 people are treated annually for non-canine bite or sting injuries, equating to about 1.7 injuries per minute. The most frequent culprits include bees, spiders, and cats, with female adults more prone to cat bites. Venomous snakebites, though rare, resulted in over half of the affected patients being hospitalized.

Common sports injuries encompass sprains and strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon injuries, shin bone pain, rotator cuff injuries, fractures, and dislocations.

Homeopathy Injury treatment medicines list with indications

Medicine Indication Medicine Indication
Arnica Montana 200 Injuries, bruises, falls, after operations, dental work Gunpowder 6 Infected wounds
Hypericum 30 Pinched fingers, toes, jellyfish stings Tarentula 30 Poison spider bites
Rhus Toxicodendron 200 Sprains, stiff muscles Lyssinum 200 Dog bite to prevent rabies
Ruta Grav 6c Sprained ligaments, tendons Kreosotum 200 Gangrene
Apis Mel 30 Bee, wasp, etc. stings Symphytum 200 Bone fractures
Calendula 30 Cuts, open wounds Sulphuricum Acidum 30 Wounds that fail to heal; gangrene after mechanical injury
Cuprum Met 200 Cramps from heat, while swimming, strenuous sports activity Phosphorus 200 Freely bleeding wounds, wounds that heal and break open again
Hamamelis Vir 200 Black eye, bruises Pyrogen 30 Blood poisoning, abscesses, suppurating wounds, bedsores
Ledum Pal 200 Punctured skin (like rusty nail) insect stings, animal bites Euphrasia 30 Eye injuries, inflammation
Lachesis 30 Snake bite Aconite 200 Inflammations; intense fears
Bellis Per 30 Bruised deep tissue, after surgery, falls on the behind, stiffness and sore muscles from sports Rescue remedy Bach flower essence for shock from injury, accident

Kit Contents:

  • 24 medicines, including 21 units of 2 dr medicated pills, one 30ml BFR Rescue remedy, and two 25g ointment units.
  • Homeopathy Injury Kit Features: High-quality homeopathy dilutions in pharma-grade sugar pellets for effective medication homogenization.
  • Traditionally prepared using hand succussion for freshly prepared remedies.
  • Sterile Glass vials that are odor-free, neutral, strong, and damage-resistant, each containing over 225 pellets.
  • Two 25g creams for injuries and wound healing: Arnica (abrasions, haematoma, sprain) and Calendula Ointments (antiseptic healing).
  • A handy nylon cloth bag for easy, organized, and convenient emergency use.
  • Dosage for adults and children over 2: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relief is achieved or as directed by a physician.

Emergency Signs to Watch For: Recognize the signs that necessitate professional or emergency care, including severe hemorrhages, respiratory distress, mental disorientation, chest pain, choking, vomiting blood, severe injuries, persistent vomiting, severe abdominal pain, burns, uncontrollable pain, sudden dizziness, frothing at the mouth, or ingestion of poisonous substances.

    Home Injury Remedies and Guidelines:

    Source: book excerpts from Dr.Shiv Dua's 'Homoeopathic self healing guide for beginners' 

    1. You are hammering a nail into the wall and by mistake injured your finger by hammer, there is no bleeding but severe pang of pain, take Ledum palustre 30, three times a day for one day.
    2. While cutting vegetables with knife, the finger is cut and there is bleeding, put your finger under flowing water to stop bleeding and then take Hypericum perforatum 30, three times a day for one day.
    3. When closing the door, the finger is pressed between the doors; when rising from the chair, the knee is hurt against table; when moving in the house, the elbow strikes against window or bed; when injury is on the bone and there is no bleeding; under all these conditions, take Ruta graveolens 30, three times a day for one day.
    4. When there is cat or dog bite, take Ledum palustre 200 one dose and consult a doctor. If the bite or scratch is bleeding, apply pressure to it with a clean bandage, cloth, or towel to stop the bleeding.
    5. When the child has fallen from stairs and hit against floor on his back, injuring back and spinal area, give Hypericum perforatum 200, one dose irrespective of bleeding or non-bleeding. Then consult a doctor.
    6. When the cut on any part of body is by a machine blade or the injury has not dried after an operation, give Staphysagria 200, one dose.
    7. When children fall during play and get non-bleeding injuries, Arnica montana is sufficient. When they fall with hands down on the ground injuring their palms they get scratches and slight bleeding. The medicine for such condition is Hypericum perforatum 30, three times a day for one day.
    8. When injury is due to falling on stones or by hitting of stones, the skin is broken. The medicine is Calendula officinalis 30, three times a day for one day.
    9. When a broken piece of glass has entered the skin of foot or hand, extract the broken glass from the skin and take Hypericum perforatum 30, three times a day for one day. The same is the medicine when there is cut on the face, while shaving.
    10. When children fight and exchange slaps and hand-blows hitting the face of others: when blows leave the skin beneath eyes blue and red; Arnica montana 30 is the remedy, three times a day for one day.
    11. The first medicine after a major accident like breaking of bones is one dose of Arnica montana 1M. Repeat one more dose after four hours. Later, let orthopaedician do the repairing job now. When plastering has been done and bone binding is needed, give Symphytum officinale 200, two doses a day for three days. From fourth day, start Calcarea phosorica 6x, four times a day for 10 days. There will be easy and early binding of bones.
    12. For the head Injuries of children, Arnica montana 30 is the first remedy when there is bruising and Shock. Give it four times a day for two days. When there is weakness and exhaustion after head injury, give Kalium phosphoricum 6X three times a day for seven days along with Arnica Montana 30. When the head has crashed and there js headache and pain in the occiput after a few days of injury, give Natrum sulphuricum 30, three times a day for seven days.
    13. When there are eye traumas, there are bruises or scratches around eyes, give Arnica montang 30, two times a day along with Euphrasia officinalis 30, two times a day for three days. If the eyes get hot, burning and watering, only Euphrasia officinalis 30, three times a day for three days. Locally, Euphrasia eye drops can be used for better results. If there is blunt injury by hitting of ball, give Symphytum officinale 200, two doses at the interval of one hour and if not improved, consult the doctor.

     Kit contents: 18 remedies (16 units of 2 dram pills+ 2units of 25 gms ointment)

    Dressing Wounds:

    • Clean non-venomous animal bites with soap and water, apply diluted calendula tincture for its antiseptic properties, and cover loosely. Lyssinum 200C can prevent rabies, with Gunpowder 6C for infected wounds.
    • For leech bites, clean and disinfect the wound, use Phosphorus 30C for bleeding, and apply Calendula cream.
    • In cases of jellyfish, octopus, or cone shell poisonings, Aconite 200C or 1M can be used for panic, with Hypercal cream applied to the wound site.

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