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Homeopathy kidney stones removal medicine by indications

Homeopathy kidney stones removal medicine by indications

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Kidney stone medicine

Two experienced homeopaths indicate homeopathic medicines that are specific to presenting symptoms of patients. These medicines help to dissolve renal calculi fast and expel them from the kidneys. The benefits of homeopathic kidney stone removal medicines are that they are safe, made from natural sources, and non-invasive. Homeopathy medicines show urine alkalizing and kidney stone-breaking properties and are backed by high clinical efficacy. AsDr.Vikas Sharma puts it ' these medicines have shown the most remarkable results in treating the recurrence of kidney stones

Homeopathy medicines have shown excellent results when medicines are mapped to symptoms. A homeopathic doctor is trained to make a case profile and recommend the most suitable medicines

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Kidney stones removal medicine by symptoms/indications

Berberis vulgaris Q - pain on the left side of the renal region, stitching, pain in the left side kidney that radiate to the ureter and urinary bladder while urinating, along with the increased frequency of urination. Burning & soreness in the region of kidneys. Pain is very sensitive to touch in the renal region less when sitting & lying, and painful pressure in the renal, and lumbar regions. Bubbling sensation in kidneys. Urine greenish, blood red, with thick, slimy mucus, transparent, reddish, or jelly-like sediment.

Cantharis 30 for intense burning on passing urine, constant urging to urinate, passing but a few drops at a time, which is mixed with blood. Intolerable urging before, during & after urination. Membranous scales look like bran in water. Urine jelly-like, shady. Pain raw, sore, Drinking even small quantities of water increases pain in the bladder.

Hydrangea 30 - Dr. Gopi says it is considered a stone-breaking remedy. Dr. Vikas Sharma says it crushes stones in the ureter as well as the bladder. Deposit of white amorphous salts in the urine, i.e., white or yellow sand deposits. Renal colic, sharp pain in loins, especially left. Burning in the urethra and frequent desire. Urine is hard to start. Bloody urine, the heavy deposit of mucus. Great thirst with abdominal symptoms, enlarged prostate.

Lycopodium 3x - Renal pain (colic), right-sided. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left. Pain in the back is relieved by urinating. Urine slow in coming must strain. Retention. Polyuria during the night. Red sand in urine may contain pus, Uric acid diathesis. The child cries before urinating. Pains drawing, Excessive accumulation of flatulence, lower abdomen. Aggravates from warm food & drinks.

Sarsaparilla 10M - Passage of small calculi or gravel, renal colic, or stone in the bladder. Severe pains from right kidney downwards, almost unbearable pain at the conclusion of urination. Urine is bloody, scanty, slimy, flaky, sandy, copious, passed without sensation, and deposits white sand. Painful distension & tenderness in the bladder, urine dribbles while sitting, passes freely when standing. Air passes from the urethra, the child screams before & while passing urine.

Calcarea Renails 3X - Dr. Gopi says it is a specific remedy for renal stones.

Pareira Brava Q - Renal colic, pain going down the thighs. Neuralgic pain in the anterior crural region. Constant urging, great straining. Can emit urine only when he goes on his knees, pressing his head firmly against the floor. Black, bloody, thick mucus urine. Dribbling after micturition. Urethritis, prostatitis.

Epigea Repens Q - Renal calculi, gravel, uric acid deposits. Fine sand in the urine of a brown color. Dysuria, tenesmus after urination. Burning in the neck of the bladder while urinating. Chronic cystitis, mucopus (a mixture of mucus and pus in urine), pyelitis, incontinence of urine.

Senecio Aureus Q - Renal colic, great heat, and constant urging. Nephritis. Scanty, high colored, bloody with much mucus & tenesmus. Irritable bladder with a headache. Backache of congested kidneys. Functional amenorrhea

  • For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor
  • Single or multiple Individual remedies may be selected in drop-down options
  • Note: above medicines are available in 2-dram medicated globules and 30ml sealed drops

Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. (Drops): The usual dosage is 3-4 drops in a teaspoon of water 2-3 time daily. Dosage may vary depending on the conditions. Always consult a Homeopathic Physician before taking medicines


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Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube, Blog whose reference is provided. homeoayur does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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