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Pink eye (conjunctivitis) homeopathy medicines

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) homeopathy medicines

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Pink eye (conjunctivitis) homeopathy medicines

Doctor-recommended homeopathic remedies are very effective for both treating and preventing conjunctivitis without any side effects. Some of the important remedies are listed below

As per the study by the Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research, effective conjunctivitis treatment involves timely diagnosis, appropriate differentiation of the various etiologies (determining viral, bacterial, or allergic origin), and appropriate treatment

Dr.K.S. Gopi a researcher, academician, practitioner, and author of best seller book Homeopathy Easy Prescriber has identified important remedies for this condition 

Conjunctivitis treatment homeopathy medicines by symptoms

Belladonna 30 is prescribed for conjunctivitis when the eyes are markedly swollen, red, dry, and congested. There is photophobia may also occur. This is caused by the body's histamine response when eyes are exposed to allergy-causing substances. The blood vessels in the conjunctiva become swollen and make eyes to become red, itchy, and teary very quickly

Euphrasia Off 30 is prescribed where redness and swelling of the eyes are accompanied by watery discharges. The discharges are acrid, watery, and of irritating nature with intensely itchy eyes but the discharge from the nose is bland. Due to viral infection eyes tend to water all the time, especially evening. The patient feels slightly better in the open air. There is a frequent inclination to blink the eyes. A peculiar symptom seen in females is that there may be amenorrhoea with eye symptoms.

Pulsatilla Nig 30 is an excellent remedy for conjunctivitis with mucopurulent discharges. It is specifically used when the eye discharge is thick and greenish in color. Burning and itching in the eyes are also prominent. The eyelids seem agglutinated. There is relief from any cold application or washing with cold water. The patient is usually thirstless. There is aggravation from heat or in summer. While viral conjunctivitis causes a watery discharge, bacterial conjunctivitis contains pus

Allium Cepa 30 is best for allergic conjunctivitis when the eye discharges are bland with marked sneezing and acrid nasal discharge and eyes suffused and watery. There is much burning and smarting lachrymation. Sensitive to light. Better in the open air. As per the study above allergic conjunctivitis is encountered in nearly half of the population and the findings include itching, mucoid discharge, chemosis, and eyelid edema.

Calcarea Sulph 30  is an excellent medicine when the eye discharges are thick and yellow colored usually from bacterial infection. The eyes are also inflamed with itching and burning.

Borax 30 is best for conjunctivitis with agglutinated and sticky eyelids. It is used when the eyelids are loaded with dry exudation, causing the eyelids to stick together. Mainly the agglutination is marked in the morning time. Sticky eyes occur when too much mucus or discharge from the pink eyes builds up on the eyelid and lashes, causing a crusty or sticky feeling

Argentum Nitricum 30 is prescribed when copious mucopurulent eye discharges are present with sticky eyelids. The conjunctiva is markedly red and swollen. There is photophobia or aversion to light. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue covering the white parts of the eye provides painful stimulus to the optic nerves causing photophobia. The photophobia is more pronounced in a warm room. Splinter-like pains may be felt in the eyes. Argentum nitricum patients have a peculiar craving for sweets. Flatulence in the stomach and abdomen often accompanies eye problems. There may be excessive belching. 

Apis mel 30 is prescribed for conjunctivitis when severe burning and stinging is present in the eyes. There is a lot of edema in and around the eyes. The patient is usually thirstless. All problems are worse from the heat in any form, whether in summer weather or going out in the sun. This condition happens when the tear film of the eye evaporates too soon because of high temperatures. In addition, rubbing or touching your eyes exacerbates this

Ruta graveolens 30 is best for conjunctivitis when there is a sensation that there is a foreign body or some dust particles in the eye. There is constant irritation in the eyes and one feels that there is something that has got stuck in the eye. The eyes are red, hot, and painful. It is usually caused by poor lubrication and/or irritation of the cornea and conjunctiva due to dry eye conditions

External Application - Instil 3 drops of Euphrasia eye lotion into the eye 4 times daily

Source: blog article in ks-gopi dot blog spot dot com

Tip For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor

Note: above medicines are available in 2-dram medicated globules or 30 ml dilutions (sealed unit). 

Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. (Drops): The usual dosage is 3-4 drops in a teaspoon of water 2-3 times daily. Dosage may vary depending on the conditions. Always consult a Homeopathic Physician before taking medicines


Haslab Mamira eye drops, (external) for conjunctivitis, blurred vision contains mamira or Coptis Teesta with active ingredient Berberine which is useful as a salve for the eyes.

Allen A12 Eye Care drops (internal) for conjunctivitis, eye strain contains Euphrasia officinalis 3x for watering of eyes all the time, burning and swelling of lids. Sticky mucus on cornea. This is a premixed homeopathic formulation of 6 medicines unlike individual remedies above

Internal & External Conjunctivitis Drops Combo - Wheezal eye bright drops+Reckeweg R78 is an ideal combination of external and internal speciality homeopathic preparation to treat pink effectively at home

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube, Blog whose reference is provided. homeoayur does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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