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REPL Dr. Adv. No. 99 drops (TOOTHACHE) 15% Off

REPL Dr. Adv. No. 99 drops (TOOTHACHE) 15% Off

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Indication- Has considerable clinical reputation in the treatment of Bleeding gums & Toothache- causing sharp pain in eyes, and pain migrating between teeth & ears. Pain from tooth decay. Toothache, pulpitis, spongy bleeding gums, plague deposition, dental sensitivity.

Composition- Plantago Major 3X, Mercurius Solubilis 6, Thuja Occidentalis 6X, Kreosotum 6X, Staphysagria 3X, Coffea Cruda 30, Spigelia Anthelmia Q,

Mode of Action of Individual Ingredients-

  • Plantago Major 3x: Pain unbearably severe, boring digging in sound teeth, Aching in decayed teeth.
  • Mercurius Solubilis 6x: Itching, burning, and redness of gums. The swollen gums have white.
  • Thuja Occidentalis 6x: The teeth crumble off- Teeth crusted with tarter - Dirty - yellow teeth.
  • Kreosotum 6x: Teeth show dark peeks and begin to decay as soon as they appear.
  • Staphysagria 3x: Toothache so sensitive that one can't bear to move the tongue, and easy bleeding of gums.
  • Coffea Cruda 30x: Successive pulling and sharp pain in the teeth.
  • Spigela Q: Toothache like a pressure outward, unable to sleep at night.
  • Chamomilla 12x: Loosening of the teeth - Dentition, with convulsion

Dosage- 10 to 15 Drops with 1/4th cup water 5-6 times daily.

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