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Rheum LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution

Rheum LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution

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For children with diarrhoea, difficulty in dentition, Covers excessive sweat,  teething, bad breath and cures cool sensations in teeth, abdominal pains

Indications for Rheum LM Potency Homeopathy Dilution: 

This remedy is frequently utilized in pediatric cases presenting with sour-smelling diarrhea and challenging teething phases. The distinct sour odor is pervasive, often noted throughout the child's body.


  • Impatience and Vehemence: The child exhibits marked impatience, becoming vehement and demanding numerous things, often leading to bouts of crying. This state of mind can be compared to the temperament seen in cases requiring Cina.


  • Scalp Sweating: There is a constant and profuse sweating on the hairy scalp. This sweat can be cool to the touch, particularly on the face, around the mouth, and nose.


  • Increased Salivation: There is a significant increase in saliva production.
  • Cool Sensation in Teeth: The teeth may feel unusually cool.
  • Teething Issues: During teething, the child may be restless and irritable. The breath often has a sour odor, reminiscent of the symptoms treated with Chamomilla.


  • Variable Appetite: The child shows a desire for various types of food but quickly becomes disinterested in all options.
  • Throbbing Sensation: A throbbing sensation can be felt in the pit of the stomach, contributing to a general feeling of fullness.


  • Colicky Pain: There is colicky pain centered around the navel, often exacerbated by uncovering the abdomen. Gas or wind seems to rise up towards the chest, causing discomfort.


  • Urinary Urging: Before a bowel movement, there may be an unsuccessful urge to urinate.
  • Stool Characteristics: The stools have a sour smell and are pasty, often accompanied by shivering and tenesmus. There may be a burning sensation in the anus. This sour diarrhea is particularly noted during teething periods.
  • Ineffectual Urging: The child may experience colicky pain with an ineffectual urge to pass altered fecal stools.


  • Worse:
    • When uncovering.
    • After eating.
    • With movement.

Relationships with Other Remedies

  • Comparison:

    • Magnesia Phosphorica (Mag phos)
    • Hepar Sulphuris (Hep)
    • Podophyllum (Pod)
    • Chamomilla (Cham)
    • Ipecacuanha (Ipec)
  • Antidotes:

    • Camphora (Camph)
    • Chamomilla (Cham)
  • Complementary Remedy:

    • Magnesia Carbonica (Mag carb)


  • Recommended potency ranges from the third to the sixth.

About LM potency homeopathy medicines

In the sixth edition of ‘Organon,’ Dr. Hahnemann introduced a new system of dilution and potentization and called it “renewed dynamisation” with a diluting ratio of 1:50,000. It was named 50 millesimal potency or LM potency by Dr. Pierre Schmidt. In some parts of the world, it is also called Q potency. It soon got professional acceptance. To date, it is recognized by different homoeopathic pharmacopoeias including American and Indian.

What are they and how are they denoted?

These homoeopathic potencies are prepared in the diluting scale of 1:50,000 and denoted as 0/1, 0/2, 0/3…..etc. They are generally used up to 0/30.

Perceived advantages

  • Highest development of power at each potency level.
  • Mildest reaction – no medicinal aggravation.
  • Frequent repetition is permitted; every hour or often in urgent cases.
  • Quick cure in chronic cases where it can be given daily or often.
  • 0/3 is more subtle than 30C or 200C and the 0/30 is sharper than CM as believed by many classical homoeopaths.

LM potency dosage: Generally LM potencies are administered as follows:

  1. Take a 4oz (120ml) to 6oz (180ml) clean glass bottle. Fill it 3/4th with water. Take 1 or 2 globules of the desired potency (often starting at LM 0/1) and place it into the bottle.
  2. Succuss the bottle just before ingestion 1 to 12 times depending on the sensitivity of the patient. This slightly raises the potency and activates the remedy.
  3. Take 1, or more teaspoons of the medicinal solution and place it into 8 to 10 tablespoons of water in a dilution glass and stir it. Most cases are started with 1 teaspoon and the amount is increased only if necessary. In children, the amount should be 1/2 teaspoon. Infants may only need 1/4 of a teaspoon.

The dosage of the medicinal solution can be carefully adjusted to suit the sensitivity of the individual’s constitution

Note: We dispense SBL LM potency medicines in 1/2, 1 & 2 dram plastic containers, image for illustrative purposes only.

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