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Similia Calendula Ointment for burns, sores & ulcers

Similia Calendula Ointment for burns, sores & ulcers

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About Similia Calendula Ointment

Similia Calendula Ointment is a remarkable healing agent, applied locally. It is useful for open wounds, parts that will not heal, ulcers, superficial burns, and scalds. It helps to promote the healing of cuts, scrapes, and minor burns and heals chapped hands and lips and nasal irritation from colds.


  • Ulcers, burns, and dressing injuries
  • Promoting early healing in superficial burns
  • To accelerate cicatrization and granulation.
  • Sores, open wounds, and ulcer
  • Eczema and itching

Direction For Use:

Apply Similia Calendula Ointment externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area, or as directed by the physician.

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