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The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea. Book by James B. Bell

The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea. Book by James B. Bell

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Covers Dysentery, Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum, and all other loose evacuations of the bowels 

The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea, written by James B. Bell, is an excellent book that deals with medicines that can be used frequently for obstinate diarrhea.

Book plan: The book is divided into two parts. The first part contains homeopathic therapeutics and the second part contains the remedies and their indications.

Therapeutic part: 141 remedies are given according to alphabetical order. Under each remedy, stool, aggravation, amelioration, before stool, during stool, after stool, and accompaniments are given.
Before the accompaniments, notes from the author's experience are also given.

Repertorial part

  1. Pathological names
  2. Character of the stools
  3. Conditions of the stool and of the accompanying symptoms
  4. Accompaniments of the evacuations
  5. General accompaniments

Special features

1) Symptoms are given in order of their importance, indicated with a different font style

2) Rubrics are arranged in alphabetical order.

3) Reference works are also enumerated.

4) An index for therapeutics and repertory part is also given at the end.

5) An clinical experience of 10 years and notes taken from the authentic works.

6) A quick reference to the therapeutic part makes it all the more useful in prescribing.

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