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Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel for Eczema & Fungal Infections

Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel for Eczema & Fungal Infections

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Homeopathy Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel

Also known as Goa Powder- Andira araroba

Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel acts as a powerful irritant of the skin and is used successfully in the treatment of skin diseases such as ringworm, psoriasis, and herpes. It is also useful in relieving from foul-smelling discharge and crust formation tending to become confluent and to give the appearance of a single crust covering the entire area (Bernstein). Violent itching, in thighs, legs, and ears. The dry, scaly eruption, especially around the eyes and ears, scabs with pus underneath. Relief's itching & fungal infection.

Dr. K S Gopi says Chrysarobinum 3x is effective for vesicular ringworm. Foul-smelling discharge and crust formation. Violent itching. Thighs, legs, and ears are most affected. Scaly eruptions around the eyes and ears with pus underneath. 

Acid Chrysarobinum Skin benefits 

Acid Chrysarobinum, often used in dermatology, is known for its benefits in treating certain skin conditions. Here are some of its potential benefits:

  1. Psoriasis Treatment: Acid Chrysarobinum has been used for its effectiveness in treating psoriasis. It helps reduce scaling and inflammation.
  1. Eczema Management: It may also be beneficial in managing eczema, especially in cases where other treatments have not been effective.
  1. Antimicrobial Properties: This compound possesses antimicrobial properties, which can be beneficial in treating skin infections.
  1. Keratolytic Effects: It has a keratolytic effect, meaning it can help in removing excess skin scales, making it useful in conditions characterized by thickened skin.
  1. Anti-inflammatory Action: Acid Chrysarobinum can reduce inflammation, which is beneficial in various inflammatory skin disorders.
  1. Alopecia Areata: Some studies suggest its usefulness in treating alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition causing hair loss.

Tip: Doctors recommend Acid Chryso Gel in psoriasisviolent itching,  and  ringworm treatment

Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel Key Ingredient


Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel Key Benefits:

  • The gel helps reduce itching in the thighs, legs, and ears
  • Used in the treatment of dry and scaly eruptions on the skin
  • Beneficial in treating filthy and scabby conditions of ears
  • Assists in the treatment of Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis

Direction For Use:

Apply some amount of Vashisht Acid Chrysarobinum 3X Gel on the clean and dried surface of the affected area.

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